AFBCS Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure

To drop off your student each morning, please follow the K-5th route for dismissal and all students K-12 are dropped off under the covered drive through area.

Elementary (K-5) dismissal takes place under the covered drive through area. Secondary (6th-12th) dismissal takes place in the circle drive through area at the front of the campus. Secondary students that have elementary siblings, the elementary siblings will join them at secondary dismissal.

  • Please see our Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure below.
  • Click to view/print the enlarged PDF version.
  • If you are walking up to pick up your students, please stand back and we will escort your student to you.
  • At the entrance (see map), please DO NOT block off either drive as it diverts the flow of traffic. Please leave a space so that the elementary line can continue to go through.
  • At the back of the campus in the parking lot, please do not snake through the cars blocking any employees in, rather follow the outskirts of the parking lot.
  • Please keep your authorized pick up list up to date.

Thank you for your cooperation with our dismissal procedures.

We strive to keep all of our students safe.