The Arts at AFBCS

At AFBCS, we teach our children that God created us to worship Him.  We believe He gave us the gift of the arts to serve as a vehicle, among many, by which we can show His worth.  It is our aim at AFBCS to train the children God has entrusted to us to become the best musicians, artists, and actors they can be, so that they may use their skills and talents to honor their Maker.

We provide grade level appropriate Fine Arts classes in which students learn art, theater and music. Our Fine Arts Department puts on two shows a school year, one for the Christmas season and the other for the spring/end of the school year to showcase all that they have learned throughout the school year. This year, secondary students have been able to help behind the scenes, building props, as well as running the sound booth to help with the school programs, chapels and other ways to serve.

We take our mission of training up the next generation of worshipers seriously at Arcadia, and we look forward to seeing how God will be honored as each student implements what they have learned about worship and the arts into their everyday lives.

Fine Arts Department