At AFBCS our goal is to provide students with an engaging, rigorous educational experience that will equip them with the skills necessary to succeed. AFBCS offers engaging courses, and extracurricular activities, with a focus on student wellness to cultivate a lifestyle of learning for all high school students. Our students are exposed to a rigorous Christ centered curriculum, as well as technology, Spanish, and the ability to take dual credit courses to further their education.

Leadership is a big part of our school culture and high school students are able to take advantage of numerous leadership roles. Some of these opportunities are Mentorship, National Honor Society, Student Council, Arcadia 4H, to name a few.

Sports are available for high school students. Some that have been played in the past are: golf, basketball, track/cross country, and baseball. Our athletic director is top-notch and encourages our students to be a part of athletic teams and encourage their friends to join.

Finally, our focus on student wellness ensures that students are supported with their well being. A big part of this is the C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R. Education program, attending weekly chapels, mission and other service opportunities, as well as the ability to meet with the Student Life Advisor.

If you are looking for a private high school that offers an engaging learning experience, look no further. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!